What to Consider When Choosing an Espresso Machine

17 Oct

As the word states, an espresso machine is a machine that is mostly used in homes to prepare coffee so as to produce a thick concentrated final product of coffee called espresso. This final product is mostly in form of a beverage. Espresso machines prepares this coffee beverage(espresso) by forcing pressurized and hot water out the coffee being processed.

The first espresso machine was made in 1884 in Italy by a person known as Angelo Moriondo of Turin. In 1903, it was modernized and improved. Many machines have been designed but some of them have similar elements which perform the same functions. Some of the elements in this machines include porta filters and group heads. Purchase the best espresso machines under 200 here!

Espresso machines have several features which help them in performing various functions. For instance, an espresso machine may have a steam wand that is used to steam liquids for coffee drinks. Espresso machines either use manual power or electrical power to perform their functions. That is, they are either automatic or manual. Some are either steam driven, piston driven, pump driven or even air driven.

Piston driven espresso machines have only two types of lever machine designs which help in pulling a long handle of the machines when producing a shot of espresso. These types of lever machine designs are manual piston and string piston design. A manual piston design pushes water to the grounds of the coffee while spring piston design delivers the pressure for the espresso being produced. Get the espresso machines under 200 here!

Piston driven espresso machines produces an espresso by using steam pressure. Steam driven espresso machines are cost efficiency as compared to many pump driven espresso machines. Pump driven or manual piston driven espresso machines are the best machines to use at home.

Air driven espresso machines forces the hot water from the coffee through the coffee grounds by using compressed air to do so. As compared to electric espresso machines, air driven espresso machines are not bulky because of their smaller size and their light weight. In many homes espresso machines help a lot in preparing different types of espresso drinks which are coffee beverages.

When choosing a good espresso machine one should choose a machine that is convenient to all the needs he or she has in coffee drinks making. One should choose a machine that is easier to use and not bulky. One should also consider the grinding capabilities of the machine. The grinders of the espresso machine should be good for grinding the coffee beans. When buying the machine one should also consider the capacity of the machine by looking at the amount of water that the machine can hold and also considering the amount of coffee beans that it can hold. A good espresso machine has a large capacity to hold enough amount of water and enough coffee beans. Finally, one should choose an espresso machine that has the capacity of producing strong coffee beverage. To know more ideas on how to choose the right Espresso Machines, just check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espresso_machine#Drive_mechanism.

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